The Art of Temple Running through Life!



Here’s the deal – I never really understood why people enjoy playing ‘Temple Run’ until i really got started on the game. It took me around 10 – 12 runs to get completely hooked to the game and mid-way through it, I realised that Life is pretty much about the same as playing Temple Run.

Keep running and moving forward when you are in trouble and keep the following basic rules in mind:

1. Run away from the demons who want to eat you for a snack.
2. Always focus on your path lest you shall detract.
3. You will face several obstacles – trees, fire, overhead obstacles; try and avoid what is not good for you.
4. Collect the coins on the way – but again don’t lose focus. When you get the magnet, the coins will come to you anyways.
5. Sometimes, you just keep running from the demons, without knowing where you are heading. But survival is the only motive in the end.

The good times will come. Maybe you may want to change the game after some time, and the scene and scenery will change automatically. But atleast, this one just teaches me to keep running when in troubled times.



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